Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Make a Yo-Yo

Start by deciding how big you want your finished Yo-Yo to be. Then create or find a circle approximately 2.5 times that size in diameter. Ex. For a finished Yo-Yo of 2", you will need a 5" circle (2" x 2.5 = 5").
I have found that an old cd works perfect as a Yo-Yo template.
Next, choose your fabric. You can make a Yo-Yo out of nearly any fabric (as they did initially with old clothes). However, light weight fabric makes the best Yo-Yo's because it bunches in the center more easily and creates a flat Yo-Yo. (All you fabric lovers out there had no idea Joann's fabric was often better for Yo-Yo making because of it's light-weight!)
Trace a few circles onto the fabric using fabric pens or pencils.
Next, cut out the circles.You will need a needle and thread that matches your fabric.

Thread the needle with 12"of thread and tie a knot in the end. If you have thicker, more durable thread or wish to double up the thread it will create a more lasting Yo-Yo. I typically use double thread.
Next start with the fabric circle facing good side down. About an 1/8th of an inch from the side stitch through the fabric and pull the knot tight on the inside if the fabric.
Fold over the side of the circle about 1/4" so your stitch is coming out of the fabric facing you and going back through the two pieces of fabric stitch again away from you.
Continue all the way around the circle, folding over the side and stitching up and down about 1/4" apart. Consistency is more important than the actual length. Too far apart or close and you could end up with a mountain in the center or a large center whole.
Once you're back to the start, holding the fabric close to your last stitch, pull the thread so the circle bunches in the middle (good side of fabric facing out).
Tie a few knots securing the thread to your desired scrunch. Again, the actual tightness doesn't matter as much as the consistency with all of your Yo-Yo's.
Clip the thread and push the Yo-Yo flat, I've seen some people flatten them with an iron.
Last, tie another knot in the thread and start again with a new fabric circle. Another 1,399 Yo-Yo's to go! (If you're making a coverlet)

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Good tutorial. My yo yo making is awful!