Monday, July 5, 2010


Finally finished with "Frames" and oh so excited. This is the King size quilt I was making for my sister-in-law and her future husband for their wedding shower on July 10th. Could not have finished it a day sooner! Boy that took a long time to cut, sew, piece, iron, baste, quilt and bind! And I think I might stay away from beige for a little while. I've definitely had my fill! I think it turned out very nice, almost has a vintage look to it.
This is my favorite picture of the quilt (below). Little can you tell it's 90 degrees out today which makes picture taking both perfect with the sun and painful with the heat!
I used a scrappy binding, I think it gives it a little bit extra color!
Here's a picture of the back so maybe you can see the quilting a little bit better. I stippled the inside, and border and stitched straight lines around the larger blocks. I am quite pleased with the way everything turned out!
This quilt measures 106'' x 94'', the perfect size for a King mattress with a pillowtop! The largest quilt I have ever made and probably will ever make again! No large disasters, or even small disasters for that matter, just very exhausting! So excited to be done, I hope the bride and groom love the way it turned out!