Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In anticipation of amandajean's quilt along (I'm way behind) and the next quilt I am making I needed to purchase more batting and sashing materials. In addition, I found some fat quarters I couldn't live without! The yellow and white are remnants, and the orange was a color I realized I didn't have in my stash... no orange, how sad! I have found that I am not drawn to either orange or purple, I need to work on my fabric selection in the future.
Here is a close up of the top fabric, I thought it was absolutely adorable, I would have bought more but they only had it in a fat quarter. Soooo cute!
I bought an entire bolt of Kona Cotton White, I have a feeling this won't last me much more than 2-3 quilts, I tend to enjoy the use of crisp white sashing (really opens up my quilts). I also purchased some more Coats Cotton quilting thread in Natural... I find this thread is best for quilting. The color blends very well with most colors.
I had a 50% coupon for Joann's and therefore purchased 10 yards of Warm and White batting. I haven't yet got up the courage to purchase an entire bolt (40 yards). Although I know I will never stop quilting, a tiny voice in my head says, "but what would you do with 40 yards?" For now I will stick to 10 and frequent Joann's until I can get up the courage to purchase 20 yards, we will work our way to 40.
All fabric is washed, ironed, folded and put away (yes, all 8 yards of the Kona Cotton too), perhaps a sneak peak at my stash will be warranted eventually!

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knitmylifeaway said...

Keep up the posts...I am excited to see the quilts to come!

- Bride to Be