Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Wedding Gift

Speaking of quilts made for wedding presents, here is one that my husband and I received for our wedding. It was made by one of my very good friend's mother. She is an avid quilter with a long-arm quilting machine. The detail in this quilt is absolutely beautiful. All of the little pieces make my head spin and remind me how new I am to quilting, and that I am still an amateur with a lot to learn. She did the colors in black and white because that was the theme of our wedding.

She originally designed the quilt to be taken to the wedding for everyone to sign with best wishes for the bride and groom. My mother and I couldn't bare to let people write on this amazing work of art. Besides, could they really have something important enough to write on this masterpiece.

Last time I visited I believe she was saying she taught a class on this quilt. She is definitely an inspiration to me! In order to complete the quilts I made for my mother and mother-in-law in time for the wedding, she taught me how to use her long-arm and helped me to finish both of the quilts (Brisk Breeze and Nature's Nine Patch). They both turned out beautifully! It's so nice to have someone who will take the time to teach you, so rare in this world.

This is where everyone was supposed to sign... no way!! Too gorgeous!

And the quilting was phenomenal, so perfect for the occasion. Daisy thought she would get into the photo opportunity as well, she's tired. "Please mom, sit still and put your camera away so I can go to sleep!"

...And my next project, I'm keeping the design for this one a secret until it is unveiled.
I have the quilt top and bottom complete, I need to iron, baste, quilt and bind and I will be done. That actually sounds like quite a bit, perhaps I should start another in the interim, two projects at once hardly seems like a challenge.

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