Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Sarah By Any Other Name Will Still Be A LaValley To Me

Do you believe in soul mates? I do. I do to my very core. I don't however believe that you only have one and I don't believe there is ever any rhyme or reason as to who they are. Sometimes people walk into your life and just never walk out. I have one of those. 
This person always has the right words to say. That's not to say they don't sometimes say the wrong thing or the thing I don't want to hear but they always come out with the one thing no one else dared to mention and few had the courage to utter. This person, is 100%, my person.
And one day, in the middle of it all; my person found herself an additional person. I do adore him, he is special in so many ways and completes in her ways I never could. However, it is hard to share. My children remind me of this lesson at least twenty times a day and they are about as graceful as I am at the task.
If I am completely honest with myself, and you, I did grapple with a little bit of sadness at having to officially share my best friend and I may have struggled a little with the idea that she was changing her last name. I learned a while ago that although you may think a name is just a name, those letters have a way of defining who you are. Like it or not, those names tell others something about us, we associate ourselves with that title and when the meaning behind the name fades, sometimes the name has a way of oppressing us. It has a way of tethering us to something we want so desperately to leave behind.
I cannot think of a better last name for my dearest to take and I suppose deep down I find some solace in the fact that someone chose her to be his Hartmans. But no matter how hard I try, a Sarah by any other name will always be a LaValley to me!
So enough about that, we all knew from the moment he put that ring on her finger she was going to hope and pray every moment for the most beautiful quilt. Her request was Queen size for her bed, wrapped with lots of love and comfort. Everyone has a special place where they are most comfortable. For some it is the couch, others, at their parents, cuddled in a special blanket, sipping on a cup of tea, on top of a mountain, in the woods, in their kitchen. You name it, people get cozy in all kinds of weird. I have a favorite extra large comfy chair in my living room that I sit in to enjoy my coffee in the morning while I ponder my day.
For my Sarah, there is nothing more comforting or special than her bed. When she's sad or lonely, in pain or riddled with anxiety, her bed, a tall glass of wine, Fav blanket and a sad romance movie does the trick. She will lay there, sobbing her eyes out, texting up a storm, heaving with sadness, asking me all of the questions that no one has the answers to and all the while she remains wrapped in the love I gave her as a wedding gift.
This was my first time with this pattern (double hourglass) and although it did waste quite a bit, I was able to use the leftovers to make her pillows the following Christmas.
 They are quite adorable ( I am in love with the bird fabric I used on the back) and so is the little boy who loved them before we packaged them up to send them on their way.
 Just look at that smile!
She will always be my forever and I feel so blessed that she chose me to stand by her side on her wedding day and every day after.
I love everything about her, but most of all I love her kindness, her compassion and her love. It is rare to find someone that looks at the world through your eyes, but I'm constantly surprised by how similar we feel and much I can relate to her. When I go to text her, she is usually texting me first. We can give eachother eyes from across the room and know exactly what is going through our minds. Our hearts hurt together, love together and grow together.
No matter what comes our way, I know we will always be together because some people are just meant to be. "If you're a bird, I'm a bird!"
I wish you two a lifetime of happiness!
To Sarah and Dirck!
So I probably should add one photo of the lovely couple, 
because at the end of the day I guess this was about them! ;)