Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Purchases

There is something about remnants that I just can't ignore. I love them, I buy them whenever I find them, no matter how different, interesting, unique, colorful or dull. I have a true love-affair with fabric and I'm ok with it!

I love Remnants because they are:

1. usually 50% off,
2. just enough fabric without being too much,
3. usually something I wouldn't normally buy,
4. and always leftovers of what someone else thought was pretty or useful.

For all of those reasons they make a perfect addition to my stash!

Remember my last fabric purchase? I bought nearly 19 yards, this time, I've expanded to 23. I just can't help myself, I found the only fabric shop in the country where NO ONE goes there to buy remnants. I can literally just venture there once a month and walk out with over 30 100% cotton 1/2 yard pieces of fabric half-price.

So I purchased these...
and these...
and then fell in love with this fabric...
So I bought fabric inspired by it, to make a fall quilt around it.
Now that all the fabric is washed, dried, ironed and folded it can be put away and I can concentrate on more important things; like cutting into my new fall fabric and making a fabulously festive quilt!


Terriaw said...

I love the scavenge through the remnant racks too, but don't usually have much luck. LOVE all your new treasures! Great finds.

lauren said...

I love that main fall fabric. You should fussy-cut the trees out and use them as the center of bigger blocks so that they are the main fabric. Then do like a string block around the main fabric. It is sooo pretty. Make it a wall-hanging and put it in your living room or something, it will go perfectly with your decor!