Thursday, October 6, 2011

Speaking of being back, I'm also back to Work!

Although NOTHING slowed down around here, I look every day for some "me" time to work on my outstanding projects. Speaking of my outstanding projects, here are a few that seriously need to be worked on. First there in this quilt I have named Pandora (the name speaks for iteself). This quilt needs to be ironed (it has sat around for WAY too long), basted, quilted and bound.
Next here is my fall quilt I started last year and never got the chance to finish, the quilt top is not fully assembled and therefore there is ALOT of work left on this one!
I recently started this quilt, inspired by this quilt and these quilts made by Amanda Jean at crazymomquilts. There is just something about green and pink that I absolutely LOVE!
These bean bags are a lot like the other ones I previously posted and deserve a post all their own, hold tight for further explanation later.
Here is a quickie of Liam's quilt which will absolutely have it's own post to come!Here is a smock I made for my little brother over the summer in anticipation for the start of Kindergarten, it deserves a post of it's own as well! See what did I tell you about my posts' queue, plenty to talk about!And lastly, since I am back to work I have also joined quilting night on Wednesday's at work. We are making a Christmas Tree skirt following this pattern. I really don't have much to post yet since we have only had two meetings so far. This is the centerpeice, and I will tell you that I was very hesitant to cut up my Christmas fabric (I absolutely love it) but I'm sure I will be very glad I did when I finally finish this adorable project. P.S. there's paper-piecing involved... not sure how I feel about that! ;-)

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