Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Don't you just love yardsales? I absolutely do! Most of the time there is nothing worth the dollar, but then sometimes you get REALLY lucky!

Last weekend I went to five yardsales, they were all horrible. Everything was overpriced and far from good condition, so I finally gave up searching and went home. Then to my surprise, my next door neighbor was having a yard sale and the deals were phenomenal!

I got this chair for $3, it can easily be recovered if necessary or left as is, I LOVE the polka dots!
For some reason, Daisy doesn't like to be left out of a photo opportunity.

I know you're asking, "Do I have kids?" Nope, but maybe someday, so in the interim this will sit in my closet. $3 is $3 whether you have a child or not. Besides, my cat does think it is a fun place to sleep.
Did I mention that it's a rocking chair... soooo cute!
And last, since this is a quilting blog, I found a sewing machine. It is not in pristine condition, but absolutely worth $5. I turned it on, it works beautifully and comes with a few different feet.
I will probably use this when guests come over and we have duel crafting projects, I can think of a few times when this would have been handy to have around the house. It did not come with a manual so it's a good thing I'm mechanically inclined, seems to work a lot like my Kenmore.
Yes, there were other purchases as well. I also purchased some life jackets for a dollar a piece in pretty good condition. We have a boat, which I often refer to as the "bucket of aluminum" in our garage, lol.
Overall, the best $12 I've spent in a long time!


Terriaw said...

these are great finds! I can't believe you found them at yard sales! I never find anything good, especially like this. I love polka dots too, so this chair looks really fun. Great idea to have a spare sewing machine for craft parties.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Do not recover that chair! I love it. I can't believe your finds. Fantastic.

Lauren said...

Ooo Kimmy nice finds! Love the Brother machine. Did you know that Brother's are made by Bernina? Good job!