Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How Many Times

I seriously do not know how many times I will take a break from this blog. It seems that every time I commit to working hard and keeping up my posts, life throws me something, I get busy and this gets dropped. So I will NOT commit to continuous posts, but I will commit to try.
 A lack of posts does not equate to a lack of quilting, we have had lots and lots of quilting, crafting, sewing, gardening and life happening.
 It has all been beautiful and fun and so busy!
 I just love making these amazing creations.
 I cannot wait to share the details with everyone!
Over the last few years we have had no shortage of events.
 My son Liam and daughter Madelyn recently welcomed the final addition to our family Landon Jon.
 I swear she was happy about it, you just cannot tell from the picture.
 We had girls days!
 And I had my first go at a garden... it was an absolute success!
I dabbled in pillow making...
 And my precious girl turned ONE!
 Friends and family members got married, had babies and I tried to keep up with everyone.
I transitioned to a stay-at-home-mom role and still dropped into work on occassion to have some adult conversations. It has been fun, exhausting and taught me so much more about the world. Being able to stay at home has encouraged me to be more open and has taught me a profound respect for other parents. Being a Mom is HARD work!
Image result for life is not a journey
...and I would be wise to remember that!

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