Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Kindergarten Smock

My favorite 5 year old started Kindergarten this year, and boy were we thrilled! Although, Matthew has previously attended Head Start, this is his first year with a little bit more freedom. Kindergarten is a very large jump from Head Start, so along with a big school comes a big list of school supplies.

One of the things on the list was an art smock. The school recommends buying one at WalMart or using an old adult T-shirt. Well let me say that no little brother of mine need wear a used, oversized, plain jane T-shirt; so I got down to business.
I received this upholstry fabric from Liam's Aunt Kristine (this woman is a life saver). She happened to find it for 50 cents at a yardsale, talk about a steal! 
Below is a picture of Liam with his Aunt Kristine, Uncle Scott and only cousin Logan (you'll find them mentioned countless times on my blog, they truly are a blessing!)
I started the smock by just taking measurements and praying for the best.  I followed the idea behind this tutorial and kind of made the rest up as I went along.
Unlike the tutorial I sewed up the sides, I have found that little boys need clear arm holes and neck lines or they're sure to end up with a leg sticking out of one of them.
I put a fairly large pocket in the front because little boys like to keep trucks, cars, and various other life necessities always at their fingertips.
I put a strip of velcro along the back because a tie or snap is far too difficult, especially behind the neck.
We practiced getting into and out of it over and over again, until we finally got the hang of it!
It has been sent off to school and hopefully when we see it again at the end of the year it is covered in paint, glue, marker and glitter, because if not we will certainly question what IS covered in those things...
They grow up so fast! Love you little brother!

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