Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Quilt

Is everyone ready for Christmas? Although I've barely started my fall quilt, I am already done with my Christmas quilt.
It makes me want to watch Christmas movies and light up the fireplace. Did you notice that ALL of the stores have Christmas decorations up already? Can you believe that? We haven't even had thanksgiving yet, what about the cornucopias, the turkeys, the pumpkin pie? Are we really ready to give up the oranges, yellows and browns for red and green. Although I'm very happy with this quilt, it's going in the closet until December (where I think it belongs).
This quilt measures 62 x 72 and will serve as a lap quilt during the Christmas season, or whenever I'm feeling particularly blue.
Christmas always seems to make me smile and feel warm and comforted. I used three different types of quilting on this quilt.
The center was stippled using the traditional stipple.
The colored sashing was stippled using a loop technique and around the outside I tried something new.
I think it looks like Christmas lights all around the outside of the quilt.
I once had curtains that I had made out of the binding fabric. When we moved last year I decided to cut up my curtains and recycle the fabric.
Needless to say I have a lot more where this came from!
I just love the way quilts look all rolled up, it's so fun and warm looking.
I can't wait to use this quilt next to my Christmas tree!

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Terriaw said...

congrats on getting this done! It turned out beautiful. I love that fabric with all the fun words on it. And the quilting looks fab!