Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And I can breathe again...

I am officially done stippling/quilting the beige quilt (eventually I'm going to need to start naming them). I have attached the binding and I am slowly making my way around the outside. I would say I'm about half way there.

All you get is a glimpse. When it's done and washed I'll post another picture!

That said, true to form I've already started seriously working on another quilt! I say seriously because I am always quilting, but not always with the same intensity. This one is for my one and only nephew! How exciting, I love that his mother did his room in primary colors and that his favorite character is Kermit (the fabric is adorable), makes the quilt so much more fun to create, especially after all that beige!

These are my plans and the fabric I am using for the back of the quilt. His father is a fireman, so I think the fire trucks are priceless! And who wouldn't love the green polkadots I'm using for the binding. I am so excited to finish this quilt!

This pattern is called Film Strip, I saw it on amandajean's website (crazymomquilts), although I modified it slightly to include Kermit as the main attraction! Close up...

Well I just got back from taking my dog Daisy to the vet, turns out she has an ear infection. Never a dull moment and time for dinner!

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